Urban Agri Input Outlet


Urban outlet

This will be a novel concept where the urban customers can learn basics of gardening & also spend some quality time with their friends and family.

With changing scenario & interest shown by urban customers towards gardening, GSFC has shown interest & is planning to come forward through opening up of Urban Outlets for these customers. In this direction, GSFC can contribute by providing exotic plants species of foliage, ornamental plants and required other agro in-puts i.e. chemical fertilisers, organic manure, seed, pesticide etc. to urban customer.


The Urban out let is conceptualized with following Facilities

• Vending Machine for chemical fertilizers.

•  Agro in puts i.e. WSF, SAG, SAL, LBF etc. in small Packet
•  Providing Tissue culture plants as well Nursery plants.
• Pots & Gardening equipment
• Books related with Gardening Know how for maintaining gardens, bonsai, small pots etc.
• Customer discussion area etc.
• Children play area
• Organic and low fertilisers/pesticides used fruits, vegetables etc.
• New edge spices in food category
• Organic food products