Sardar VAM

SARDAR VAM is Mycorrhiza fungi. Mycorrhiza is best fungi to convert the natural nutrition in available form for plants. SARDAR VAM is a consortium of Four species of genus Glomus . It will give best result in various kinds of soils and regions like Salty, Sandy, Arid and Marshy.

Benefits of SARDAR VAM:

  • – Plant development is very good if we use it from seedling stage.
  • – Improve soil quality and condition.
  • – Helps in water absorption and gives stabilization during water scarcity
  • – Helps in absorbing nutrition likes Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper etc.
  • – Compatible with any of bio fertilizers.
  • – Imparts resistance to plants against soil diseases.
  • – Highly environmental friendly.


Mycorrhiza Base Fine Powder
Particle size 90% should pass through 250 micron IS sieve
pH 6.00 to 7.5
Moisture Content 8 to 12 %
Total viable propagules/gm 100 /gm


Plants care

  • – Apply 250 gm Sardar VAM in 100 Sq. Mtr. area during land preparation for seedling of Chilly, Brinjal , Tomato and other horticulture crop.
  • – Use 10 to 20 gms per plant Sardar VAM with 150 gms cow dung for grown up plant.
  • – Use 5 to 10 gms of Sardar VAM with of 500 gms cow dung for Flower, fruit and forestry plants

Soil care

  • – Use 5 kg Sardar VAM with 100 kg organic fertilizer while sowing of Sugarcane.
  • – Use 3 kg Sardar VAM per acre in Maize, Sorghum, wheat, Soya bean, Groundnut etc.

Seed Application

  • – Coat 1Kg seed with Jaggery solution and spray 100 gm Sardar VAM. It requires 500 to 1000 gms per acre for different crop seeds.
  • – Keep the seeds for 2 to 3 hours in shade and then use for sowing.


  • – The product is available in attractive 1kg and 5 kg pack.


  • – Can be applied in all crops at soil preparation time.

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