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Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture is the technology for rapid propagation of plants using tissue of selected mother plants with desirable traits wherein large no of true to type plants can be produced under controlled conditions in Laboratory. It ensures possibilities of supplying disease free and healthy plants on round the year basis rather than season specific cultivation.

Tissue culture Banana

Variety: Robusta & Grand Naine

Production capacity: 15 lakh plants per year


Advantages of Tissue Culture Banana

  • Disease & pest free planting material.
  • Varietal authenticity.
  • Higher yield
  • Less field mortality.
  • Uniform & true to type plants
  • Round the year availability.

Tissue Culture Sugarcane

  • Variety CO – 86032
  • Production capacity : 5 lakh plants per year


Tissue Culture Sugarcane plants are not directly used for commercial cultivation and require field multiplication for 1 or 2 cycle in field.

Tissue Culture Sugarcane plants

  • – Lab produced Tissue Culture Sugarcane plants after hardening in green house and net house are called as F0 or breeder seed.
  • – These TC plants are field multiplied to produce F1 or foundation seed and subsequently F2 or certified seed after field multiplication.
  • – The F1 or F2 plants OR the certified seed stage is used for commercial cultivation.
  • – Tissue culture plants planted in 1 Ha can give seed material sufficient for around 20-22 Ha within 1 year.


  • – True to type and disease free plantlets.
  • – Better germination, tillering and cane yield
  • – Minimum mortality. Maximum survival of the hardened plantlets under field condition.
  • – Planting material obtained from tissue cultured plant if used for commercial plantation than it results in to
    • • Increases sugarcane yield.
    • • Increased recovery
    • • Increased by-products production resulting in to higher biomass.


Modern Tissue Culture Production Laboratory
Total Laboratory area 6315 Sq. ft.
Sterile Area under HVAC 2870 Sq. ft.
Non Sterile area 3445 Sq. ft.
Hi-tech Green House 11400 Sq. ft. (6 chambers)
Shed-Net House 105000 Sq. ft.