Soil & Water Testing Laboratory

Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited is having a state of the art Soil & Water Testing Laboratory established in 1969 which provides Soil testing (for Macro & Micro nutrient) & Irrigation Water testing services. 

We are equipped with advance technology machine, ICP-OES. Current used methods to extract available nutrients from the soil are rather old in terms of their enunciation. Despite their strength and longevity, the problems with these methods are numerous such as reliance on proper handling of soil samples and chemical dosages by a lab technician, time consuming and increased chance of error. The latest scientific input in the soil testing programme would be to analyze nutrients simultaneously by modern, heavy duty and fast analyzing equipment such as ICP-OES so that the capacity and accuracy of the soil testing laboratories could be enhanced.

There are 17 essential elements (Nutrients) required by the crop for getting optimum yield. Most of these nutrients are absorbed by the crop from the soil. Hence Testing of soil is very much necessary to know which nutrient are deficient in the soil and how much fertilizers are required to add in the soil so that soil fertility & Soil health can be maintained and farmer get more production with minimum inputs.

It also provides guidance to farmers regarding balance use of fertilizers and suggests reclamation measure for saline and alkaline soil.

Based on the analysis of soil samples, GSFC has also published       “Soil fertility Atlas of Gujarat-2013”. 

GSFC is also providing Potable Water Testing Services for the people to know the quality of their drinking water

Testing Charges (Rs. Per Sample)

Sr. No Type of Testing Testing Charges (Rs./Sample)
Testing Charges         GST        @ 18% Total Testing Charges
1 Soil Sample Analysis for Macro-Nutrients (Organic Carbon ) N, P, K, pH & EC) 60.00 60.00
2 Soil Sample Analysis for Micro-Nutrients & Sulphur ( Zn, Fe, Mn , Cu & Sulphur ) 100.00 100.00
3 Irri.Water Analysis (pH, EC, Cations, Anions & their ratios) 60.00 60.00
4 Potable Water Analysis  


 Chemical Test 100.00 18.00 118.00
Bacteriological Test 50.00 9.00 59.00

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