Sardar Liquid Biofertilizers

Nitrogen & Phosphorus are two important elements which are supplied to the plant in the form of Chemical Fertilizers & Organic manure. Certain Soil microorganisms have got inherent capacity of fixing free atmospheric nitrogen in the soil or solubilize part of the unavailable phosphorus of the soil and thereby making them available to the plant through which soil fertility and ultimately crop production increases.

These attributes make these microorganisms important to be used as Biofertilizers, thus Biofertilizers are basically biological fertilizers which contain live microorganisms.

GATL manufactures two types of Nitrogen Fixers and one Phosphate Solubilizer. The technology know-how is by Anand Agriculture University.

3 products of Sardar Liquid Biofertilizers are available:

  • Azotobacter (for Cereals, Cash Crops, Horticultural Crops)
  • Azospirillum (for Cereals, Cash Crops, Horticultural Crops)
  • Phosphate solubilizing bacteria (for all Crops)
  • NPK Consortium

Advantages of Liquid Biofertilizers:

  • Harmless and Eco-friendly low cost agro-input.
  • Higher Shelf-life
  • Higher bacterial count
  • Add nutrients to the soil / make them available to the crop & secrete certain Growth promoting substances.
  • Help the proliferation and survival of beneficial microorganisms in soil.
  • Under certain conditions it exhibit anti-fungal activity and thereby protects the Plant from pathogenic fungus.
  • Increase soil fertility and crop production.
  • Varied application methods including Drip Irrigation.

Packing: 500ml & 1 Litre