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Sardar Amin Granules / Liquid


An eco-safe biodegradable formulation which provides balanced nutrition of Amino Acids & Carbohydrates of vegetable origin with major plant nutrients N, P, K & trace element of micronutrients like Zn, Mn & Fe.

To withstand different stresses during growth Period,plant needs to be healthy for which certain Amino Acids ( i.e. Glutamic acid, Serine, Lucine, Alanine etc.) plays an important role.

GATL manufactures plant protein based granular & liquid plant growth promoters like Sardar Amin Granules & Sardar Amin Liquid, which contain amino acids and micronutrients. The granular product is applied in field by soil application and liquid by foliar spray & also in drip Irrigation.

Product Packing Dose/Acre Method of application
Sardar Amin Granules 8 Kg. 8 Kg. Soil Application Periodically 2 times
Sardar Amin Liquid 500 ml,1 Litre 250 ml Foliar Spray 2-3 times at the time of flower & fruit setting

Advantages of Sardar Amin Granules/ Liquid:

  • Beneficial for seed germination & root development.
  • Improves plant health to withstand against biotic & abiotic stresses.
  • Increases Flower & Fruit setting.
  • Harmless & Eco-friendly/ Eco-Safe Biodegradable.
  • Product improves crop quality & increases crop yield.
  • Compatible with pesticides & fertilizers.
  • Provides balanced nutrition of C, N, P, K, Zn, Mn & Fe.
  • Optimizes metabolism, Germination, Growth, Flowering & Fruiting hence increase the yield & quantity, appearance/shine of produce