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GSFC, since 1968, publishes a monthly magazine in Gujarati language” Krishi Jivan” with a circulation of 59000 copies every month touching reading mass of about 6 lakhs. It provides information on latest research and new technologies on various aspects of agriculture and related field to farmers from various scientists and experts in respective fields. In current phase of fast developing agriculture and spread of hi-tech agro-technologies, this magazine serves as a good source of up-to-date timely and scientific knowledge to farmers and others. The unique thing about this publication is the frequent special issues covering important topics like Seeds, Plant Protection, Vegetables, Underground water Recharging, Farm Forestry, Weather Forecasting, Dairy, Animal Husbandry etc. in view of its coverage, regularity, contents, quality etc. it has been given international Standard Serial Number (ISSN)- 0971-6440, by the National Standard Bureau. Krishi JIvan is also published quarterly in Hindi language for the benefit of farmers Hindi speaking areas.

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