Infinite challenges and rewards. Countless Opportunities to learn and grow. An integrated high spirited team inspired and motivated to serve the farmer community of our nation. All this, and a company deeply committed to integrity and sustainable growth. This is not just a job; this is an opportunity to reinvent your career. GSFC Agrotech Limited (GATL) offers very conducive work environment to employees who thrive to deliver their best in every tasks. If you are a young professional with undying fire within you to serve the farmers and our country, then we have best of the resources, leaders and environment To unleash your talents. To upkeep our Brand, our institution values ethics, dedication, integrity and sincerity. From the beginning of their careers, employees are nurtured to exercise their professional freedom. The daily office life at GATL is influenced by the ideas of Freedom to work and respecting individual's opinion. Close working relationship with peers & seniors, collaborative & supportive working ecosystem and informal work culture are some of the facets of GATL which makes it an exciting organization to work for. As our organization grows at a fast pace, we invite you to join hands with us in our journey to even greater success and build a gratifying career. Whether you are young graduate or experienced professional, we are sure that career at GATL will be a life changing journey.
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Our relationship with our employees tends to be an enduring bond of trust, loyalty and mutual growth. This, as any GATL would vouch for, promises a warm sense of security, professional growth & empowerment and respect in return for excellence - a rare and much coveted avenue in today's otherwise highly dynamic and competitive socio-economic context. Send your Resume at 

Feel free to contact for any queries on 0265-3093943 between 08:30 hrs to 17:00 hrs