About GATL

GSFC Agrotech Ltd. (GATL) is a 100 % Subsidiary of Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemical Ltd. (GSFC) established in 2012. It is registered under company Act, 1956. GSFC is a Gujarat based multi product, multi locational conglomerate primarily into the business of Fertilizers & Industrial Chemicals. Major fertilizer produced by GSFC are Urea, DAP, NPK, Ammonium Sulphate & APS; on the industrial product front, GSFC is the market leader in the production of Caprolactam, Melamine, Nylon-6, Sulphuric Acid and many more.

GATL is set up with the objective of promoting Agro Products & Agro Services to bring unprecedented evolution in Agri Business. Major products marketed by GATL are Plant Protein based growth promoters, Liquid Bio-Fertilizers, Tissue Culture Plants, Seeds, Water Soluble Fertilizer, etc. These products are sold through GATL owned more than 280 retail outlets across Gujarat and Rajasthan & through many other institutional partners. Soil & water testing, Agri-net call centre (Toll Free Advisory services to farmers) & Krishi Jivan Magazine are some of the services provided by GSFC & GATL.